Resource recovery
An efficient way to create more food 
– without depleting our planets resources
Team of bakers kneading dough in a comme
Rustik Loaf

Circular Food Technology

As a food and ingredient producer, we give people delicious alternative sources of proteins and fibres without taking a toll on the earth resources.


It is clear that we need to increase the global food resources available - not only in a sustainable way but without more land utilization. This has been our mission since we started in 2018.


We focus on up-cycling industrial food waste into tasteful and healthy products. Our long-term vision is to be able to export our product solutions to countries with food scarcity and thereby be part of solving the global food shortage GRO Intelligence foresees in less than 10 years from now.


All Circular Food Technology's products are developed from bi-products from the traditional food industry. First and foremost we use the brewers' spent grains from the beer industry to produce super protein and fibre rich ingredients that amazingly deliciously preserves the fine aromatic nuances of the beer. These can be used as a supplement in traditional baked goods but also in a variety of other food and snack products.