Upcycling the brewers leftover is
a creative and culinary process

The Products

Our ingredients are made from brewers' spent grain - the most abundant by-product generated in the beer-brewing process.

The brewers use the sugar from the grain for the fermentation. This leaves us with spent grain rich on proteins, fibres and vitamins. That's why we can turn brewers' spent grain into an ingredient in all sorts of superfood. 



By upcycling a byproduct and sourcing it locally we also offer the consumer a sustainable alternative to other superfoods. We give the world healthier food without extra air fright and land exhaustion. We only use what has already been used. We call it resource recovery.



We offer ingredients for dry and drinkable products developed to meet consumers' cravings for healthy and delicious food. We add both nutritional benefit and new flavours.  

We believe taste, texture, touch and feel is key to winning consumers' hearts for sustainable products.

Healthier food
– with a low carbon footprint 
granola Bars


The Wasteland is expanding  


Right now we are testing our spent grain in selected restaurants and bakeries.


In the future, you'll find our ingredients in snacks, sports drinks, baked goods -  really anywhere we can add fibres, protein, vitamins and taste.  

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