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– 3 founders who share a burning wish to change our world

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Coming from different professional backgrounds, the 3 founders of Circular Food Technology share a burning wish to change our world. We are all fodies, and it is our believe that through better and more exiting food we can make a true difference in the life of many people.
At the same time we share the worry of the world not being able to sustain its growing population. We are proud to be able to share with the consumers a new food resource, sustainably developed from industrial bi-products, mainly from the brewing industry.
Emil Buhl Krøll

as a young farther.... develop new inspirering foods.


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Karin Beukel

Mother of 2 daughters, aged 5month and 8 years, living in a small community in Amager, Copenhagen.

Travelling the world and working abroad on and off over the last 20 years have made Karin a truly global citizen. From picking watermelons in Australia, backpacking in Inner Mongolia, Pakistan or Greenland, to working at the Danish embassy in Japan, as a management consultant in Beijing, collaborating with the wisest people worldwide on intellectual property issues (both through a firm she co-founded and as an academic) and as a visiting assistant prof in Harvard, assignments and experiences have been many. It is with this wide experience base she decided to co-develop the vision of Circular Food Technology. Karin explains “I’ve always been chasing new learnings – and solving complex challenges, to me life is about what you can give back, both to the ones closest to you, but also to society in general. Food is a core element in all cultures – and essential to life. With food we can change the world. Circular Food Technology and our plan to rescue brewers spent grain from being wasted, especially in the poorest regions of the world is what drives me. I want to have impact. With unique local business models, we can not only upscale waste to human food – and bring an alternative protein source to tables of millions, but we can also ensure a business model with societal focus in the regions that needs it the most.”


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Aviaja Riemann-Andersen

Mother of 2 daughters, 8 and 11, living in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.


As a long-term yoga enthusiast Aviaja has a deeply rooted interest in balancing the inner and the outer world.  Giving priority to your thoughts will never come back in a negative way she says. “Yoga gives me the strength to focus and overcome challenges. Through my practise I have learned to filter out noise, and this helps me in all aspects of life to focus all my energy on the task in front of me”.


In a continuous search for challenge and adventure Aviaja got her master’s degree from Copenhagen Business School in Japanese and Economics in 2003. “Even though I don’t work in Japan or with a Japanese company, I use my education every day, and has done so from my first day in corporate life. To learn Japanese is an artform, and you have to learn to de-learn, to lay aside all conventional ways of doing things, in order to be able to learn a language so profoundly different. “Today this gives me a super sharp advantage in problem solving, as I can put aside the habitual processes and look at the issue from a completely new angel”.

Since graduation Aviaja has worked in the cosmetics industry. At first primarily focusing on sales and marketing of luxury and professional products. Then, after returning from her first maternity leave Aviaja had her first managerial position, and the following 10 years Aviaja has had several managerial positions, she has rebuilt organizations, teams and brands to outperform both local competitors in the Nordics, but also emphasised the regions importance internationally.


Aviaja’s main interest is the development of winning teams and organisational cultures that are socially and emotionally responsible. Enabling employees to have an exiting work life, with a healthy work-life balance is a personal mission, and through this to create a more sustainable working environment

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